Clare and teammate, Mark Bouquin “The Lumberjack,” are the winner’s on John Cena’s American Grit.

Hello Fans! Clare is busier than ever with Live Streaming on Facebook, public events, speaking engagements… and is about to launch her blog, Flexing Life With Clare, where she’ll address topics including her favorite workouts, a day in the life of a 47-year-old athlete, how an Alaskan Fisherman cooks fish, how CrossFit changed her life… and more!  For those of you who wanting more time with Clare, more amazing stories from her Grit experience, and the opportunity to ask questions face-to-face,  contact Clare to find out how you can bring Clare to your community or organization.

Clare Painter and Mark Bouquin “The Lumberjack” with John Cena. (Photo by Olúgbénró)
Clare addresses the audience at the American Grit Finale Viewing Party, 12 Tribes Resort and Casino, Omak, WA.



y folks purchased an old five-acre farm in Redmond, Washington when I was seven.

Mum’s passion was sheep and fiber arts. On Puddleduck Farm, we raised Jacob and Navajo-Churro sheep, a few angora goats, chickens, ducks, peacocks, had a huge garden and two riding ponies. I was the youngest of four girls and we learned a strong work ethic when we were quite young. Life on the farm ranged from care of the animals, keeping bees, cooking, canning, working on cars, driving tractors, planting and weeding the garden, and learning various fiber arts from shearing the sheep to spinning, knitting and felting. (From farm to table is how we were raised!)

I also grew up with activity-induced asthma and had many allergies. I was a chubby kid due to my inability to run and play like other kids. In my early teens I was put on medication and able to join sports in school. I started off by playing tennis, but soon discovered that I enjoyed lifting weights. I lifted weights along side the football team and took up throwing shot-put and discus. I wasn’t a great athlete, but I enjoyed trying.

 I wasn’t the best student and didn’t have any plans to go off to college after graduation. Instead, I turned my sights on adventure and embarked on a journey to Alaska to work in the salmon canneries. I got myself a job in the cold storage at Petersburg Fisheries gutting fish. I would watch the boats come in to unload their catch and realized that that was what I really wanted to try. I wanted to be a fisherman.

Women were scarce on the boats to say the least, and it was a challenge to get anyone to even consider giving me a job. I beat the docks during my breaks from the cannery and continually got denied; told that women were bad luck on boats. Towards the end of my second season working in the cold storage, where I was now the Lead of the freezers, I finally got the skipper of a fish packer to give me a job finishing out the season. On the fish packer we would buy fish on the fishing grounds, sort the fish, provide ice to the boats and then deliver the fish back to Petersburg Fisheries. This began my 20-year journey as an Alaskan commercial fisherman. As a female deckhand, I of course was the cook, but also my Dad had taught us girls about engines so I did routine maintenance in the engine room, navigated the boat on wheel watch, and was the deck boss. The work ethic I learned on the farm paid off working in the fishing industry. My diligence in proving that women could hold their own in the fishing industry paved the way for all the amazing women who have followed in my wake.

 After 14 years of wet winters in the rainforests of SE Alaska, I began to spend my winters in the dry cold of Okanogan County in Eastern Washington. I found joy in returning to my roots living on a farm and began working with horses. For the next six- years, I juggled between fishing in Alaska and restorative hoof care in Washington.

By 2010, my hoof care and horse training business was keeping me busy enough that I could focus my time in the Okanogan and discontinued venturing to Alaska. From one physical job to another, my body was feeling the toll, and I sought out to build up my core and return to the practice of yoga. Back in the gym I remembered my love of strength training and got a part-time job teaching a few classes. This ignited my next journey of pursuing my CrossFit certifications and enrolling myself in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Clare Painter of American Grit



rofessional Training and Experience
In addition to years of developing her own health and fitness program, working as a coach, and competing as a triathlete, Clare has earned certification in CrossFit Level One, CrossFit Kids, and CrossFit Mobility.  She is currently enrolled the Health Coach Training Program through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Clare Painter’s professional experience includes:

  • Private Health Coach
  • Fitness Center Supervisor, Omak High School
  • Community Coordinator and Program Supervisor, Fit For Life 
  • Coordinator, Winter Wellness Program
  • Boot Camp Athletic Director and Coach
  • Yoga and Core Instructor, North Cascades Athletic Club
  • Swim Coach, Viking Swim Club, Petersburg AK



rofessional Training and Experience
Clare is a certified barefoot trimmer who has operated her own business since 2008. She has studied equine nutrition, Natural Horsemanship, and various modalities of equine body work..  She combines these practices to offer her horse clients the most comprehensive care possible.

Care provides the follow services as an Equine Specialist:

  • Hoof Care (Clare is not currently accepting new trimming clients.  However, she is available for consultation to horse owners and other hoof care professionals.)
  • Foundation Training: ground training through first rides.
  • Building effective horse/human partnerships.  Clare coaches horse/human teams in the tools of Natural Horsemanship.
Horses have captivated human beings as far back as written symbols. What is it about the horse that intrigues us so?
My work with horses comes from deep within my heart. Every bone in
my body wants to be able to make a horse/human connection at their
level. To do so, we must surrender that which burdens us; make
ourselves available to allow the horse to give and seek comfort
within us. Horses’ honesty, curiosity, and ability to forgive
what ever trespasses that man has inflicted upon them, is admirable.
They can teach us that forgiveness is the first step to healing what
ails our heart.
The people who seek a more natural approach to the stewardship of
the horse are those who question techniques of the past. How can
the wild horses of the Americas thrive living in harsh conditions
without assistance from man? Why has the domesticated horse become
an inferior animal with many health issues? Are we humans to blame?
Usually the journey to the natural approach to horses begins with a
problem at home. A problem with one of our herd and this launches
us down a path of discovery. Through this discovery we find
I had a problem with my mule’s hooves, which I got no real
solutions for with traditional techniques. I met a group of folks
who were starting a barefoot movement and discovered the whys and
hows of natural hoof care. I learned that hoof care does not stop
at the hoof; it encompasses what you fed your horse, how its living
quarters are arranged, how much movement across what kind of
terrain it gets. All this in addition to how the hoof is trimmed. With
this idea of natural horse keeping habits, I embarked on an
incredible and passionate journey. I enrolled in schools for hoof
care, nutrition and 3 varieties of body work modalities, and still
I have questions in my heart to keep me always hungry to learn. The
more I learn, the more I want to learn, and the better my
communication and relationship with horses. Today I, like so many
others who have embarked on this journey, strive to be a steward of
horses: “helping horses with human problems.”

CLARE: a student of horses (Trailer)

Ivy Lin’s film, CLARE: a student of horses, offers you a glimpse into Clare Painter’s life and work as Equine Specialist and Bare Foot Trimmer.  Enjoy the trailer!


Clare is available as a motivational speaker for a wide array of audiences.  Contact to discuss the details.  Special rates are available for education and youth groups.


It was a public screening party, Episode Five, Clare was wedged between enthusiastic views who cheered wherever she appeared on screen and bombarded her with questions whenever she wasn’t.  Suddenly there she was lifting weights with John Cena, she and two million other people looked on.  In that moment Clare thought: I’m hot, I’m funny, and I’m smart.  Why am I just now realizing this?

Why do we see ourselves differently than others do?  How do we let the negative voices in our heads undermine our self-confidence, limit our thinking, and inhibit realizing our goals? And most importantly, how do we fire our critics and embrace ourselves as the talented, competent people we are?  Hint: You don’t need to lift weights with John Cena on national television.


Away from home, living in close quarters with strangers, wearing a microphone from 7 am to 10 pm, meeting the mental and physical challenges of grueling obstacle courses—

Clare shares stories from her experience on American Grit and what she learned about leadership, team building, maintaining focus under stress, and the power of knowing and utilizing your strengths.  

Clare came to the competition, not as a professional athlete, but as someone who has depended on her body and do-it-yourself ingenuity her entire life.  Learn how Clare developed her toolbox of skills for success and prepare yourself to be a winner in your next life adventure.


How did a 47-year-old have the competitive edge in a field of contestants whose average age was 34?  Fitness. Nutrition. Mindfulness.  

Clare shares lessons from her trial and error path to optimal health then walks you through developing a personal health plan that’s best for your body type and goals; this plan incorporates basic concepts in nutrition, choosing a fitness program that fits, and mindful decision making.  She also coaches you on how to implement your plan so it’s both fun and achievable.  

This presentation can be tailored to groups of 6 to 20 participants and is great for all ages, including youth groups.



In the big picture, all my work serves the goal of helping people live healthier lives. This could be through nutrition education, fitness training, developing a yoga practice, or using horses to facilitate personal growth; all of my endeavors lead towards health of the mind, body, and spirit.
 – Clare Painter

Clare is available to work with individual athletes, teams, and people seeking to make choices that support living at their healthiest potential.

Horses (or humans and horses!)
For groups: Clare offers demonstrations on hoof care, nutrition and natural horsemanship.  She provides special focus on communicating effectively with “difficult” horses and understanding your horse as your teacher.  Clare participated in 4H for over a decade and sincerely enjoys working with youth groups.  However, she is available to horsemen of all ages. Consider hosting a clinic in your area and participating free of charge!

For individual horses and or Horse/Human teams:  Clare offers her Foundational Training for Horses: ground training through first rides, at her horse facility, The Barefoot Ranch, in Omak Washington.  Her Building Effective Horse/Human Partnerships is available at the Barefoot Ranch, via clinics, or through on-site visits depending on your goals. 

Contact Clare today and setup an appointment to discuss how she can best support your goals.

Clare Painter Barefoot Ranch

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